when the smoke is in your eyes, you look so alive

i know you're looking for salvation in the secular age
but im not your savior

the bolts of light in this storm remind me of you

your bright skin and ability to appear at any moment

you singe your path only for it to be extinguished with rain

but you burnt me with a love that was draining nothing but pain

dg unicolored

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'Don't take sh*t from nobody' ; This Is First Class ♔

I feel your lungs risingand the scent of you lingersand your lips part as you sleepand the way your eyes flutterit makes me sighI want to envelop you in loveand to whisper into your ear sweet nothingsI don’t want to wake youYour uneven breath shakes my nervesI sigh and turn awayand wish as if nothing would changeor everythingI lay here in your bedsticking with sweat to your sheetsThe early morning 2 AM glow shining onto our facesI glance over to yoursI wish I could do somethingto make you love yourself the way I love you


Last minute decision to see getter last night was literally the best idea ever


Stone Roses fans at Spike Island gig, may 1990.

Spike island